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Intelligence Capacity Building Program

The intelligence capacity building program (ICBP) has been developed as a response to the increasing intelligence needs of today’s decision makers. In the current world environment of heightened threat due to terrorism security intelligence has an increasingly important role to play in both strategic and operational decision making of private sector and government organisations. Organisations need the ability to harness their internal information resources and to integrate that with external information sources in order to obtain appropriate and timely intelligence products to support the decision making process.

The ICBP assists organisations to create and maintain that capacity.

A Suggested Program

Stage one, basic intelligence training.

Assist the organisation to identify personnel from the security, EH&S, HRM, risk management, internal audit and community/external relations’ functions for basic intelligence training. Basic intelligence training consists of three to five days in which concepts including; collection, collation, evaluation, analysis and dissemination methods are introduced.

Stage two, functional workshops to establish capabilities.

A series of half and one day workshops are conducted with course trainees to identify collection resources available to the organisation, existing data storage and analytical capabilities internal to the organisation and development of initial collection plans. Workshop with management and decision makers to determine information requirements, indicators and warnings relevant to the company and intelligence reporting formats. Trainees who complete stages one and two may be eligible for credit in the ECU security science undergraduate program.

Stage three, oversight, audit and mentoring.

Oversight, audit and mentoring will be provided for a period of 12 months at the commencement of stage one of the program. This support is flexible and adapted to the organisations requirements but may include one or two days a week in the initial months before scaling back to one or two days a month towards the end of the program. This element of the program is scaleable according to client need.

For further information on availability and tailoring a program to support your specific requirements email: info@s2iconsult.com.au.

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