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Practical Intelligence Analysis

The key to effective decision making and investigation is quality intelligence. In fact it may be argued that in today’s dynamic rapidly changing environment intelligence is core business. Not all organisations have the capacity to create and maintain a dedicated intelligence team. However, the provision of basic applied practical intelligence training to key individuals within the domains of security, investigations, EH&S, internal audit, governance and compliance has the potential to add significant value to the capacity of those functions. This course provides the relevant knowledge, understanding and practical intelligence skills to deliver an effective intelligence capacity.

The Course

A three day course that will:

  • Provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate intelligence methodologies into the planning and conduct of security, investigative, compliance and governance functions,
  • Provide participants with the skills to locate, acquire and evaluate information necessary create intelligence products,
  • Provide participants with an awareness and understanding of a variety of analytical methodologies, and
  • Provide participants with the skills to generate valuable intelligence products to support organisational decision making.

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors and operators responsible for investigations of all types, security, environment health and safety functions. Governance and compliance specialist, internal auditors and community or external relations advisors. Personnel who are tasked with responsibility for the provision of advice to decision makers.


$1000 + GST

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