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"When an organisation is able to implement effective collaboration between stakeholders both internal and external a virtual security network can be established. A virtual security network affords your organisation strategic reach. Strategic reach provides opportunity to shape your environment allowing freedom of action and opportunity to operate in accordance with your operational needs." (Corkill, 2004)

In keeping with this ethos s2i maintains a strong network of consultants and academics and will assemble consulting teams appropriate to client need. Key team members include:

Jeff Corkill
    Security Intelligence Consultant

Jeff is the Director and Principle of s2i. As a former Security Manger and Intelligence Adviser in the precious minerals industry he has advised, designed and implemented security, surveillance and intelligence management systems to support both strategic and operational commercial decisions. Jeff has extensive experience in developing security intelligence liaison networks domestically and internationally. As a former Australian Military Intelligence Officer (Army) Jeff has extensive experience in strategic, operational and tactical intelligence. As the Officer Commanding Army Intelligence and Security Section Queensland, Jeff was the principle adviser on security and counter intelligence to all Army Commanders in the state. Jeff has extensive experience in developing base and facility security plans, managing security and counter-intelligence investigations and developing security and risk management policy. Jeff’s research interests include security intelligence and executive decision making, the intersection of security, intelligence and occupational health and safety, and the role of intelligence in CCTV surveillance operations.

Wayne Snell
    Forensic Investigation Consultant

Wayne is a consulting forensic incident analyst with research interests in forensic science, terrorism, incident investigations, leadership and human resource development in law enforcement and security environments. As a forensic incident analyst he is regularly called on to investigate serious incidents in the minerals and resources sector. Wayne is the Coordinator of Investigations, Intelligence and Aviation Security at Edith Cowan University where he lectures in law, policing, investigations, aviation and general security, terrorism and forensic science to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the university as well as police and security professionals in Australia, Middle East and South East Asia. He is a former Police Officer and Police Academy Lecturer who maintains currency in the law enforcement domain via regular secondment to the Western Australian Police Service in a senior management role. Wayne is a graduate of the RCMP Canadian Police College and has tertiary qualifications in human resource development, forensic science and investigations.

Dr Craig Donald
    Human Factors Specialist

Craig is an industrial psychologist and Director with Leaderware and Advanced Development Applications, companies that have a specialist involvement in the security industry and CCTV. He consults internationally on the human factors in CCTV management and operations, selection and assessment techniques, and training and performance management. Craig has exposure to a number of sectors including aviation, police, diamonds and precious metals, customs, and other major businesses. He has been extensively involved in the design of selection instruments used in the selection of aviation screeners and CCTV operators in the UK and elsewhere, and is a leading specialist in the use and training of body language for CCTV surveillance. His work includes project and research based involvement in association with prominent research institutions in the UK, Holland and South Africa. He has worked in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Africa, has published widely in journals and magazines in various countries, and has presented at conferences including IFSEC, the ACI Europe Security Summit, and several times at the CCTV User Group conferences in the UK. http://www.leaderware.com


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